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Annoyed with rampant rats in your dream home? Speak to us today about our rat control services. Nobody wants a rat running across the floor and spreading diseases among the family or colleagues.


In addition to the foul odour and possible contamination to food, hazards can also arise from rats chewing electrical wires.

Apart from spiders, cockroaches and possums, rats and mice are common in Australian households and can be carriers of serious diseases for you and your pets. These rodents often gnaw at your electrical wires leading to major fires. Chewing of drain pipes is also common and can lead to flooding in your house, as well as damage to the internal structure of your home.

Rats are extremely difficult to catch unless you’re a professional. It‘s advisable to take action while their number is low as these rodents breed once a month and the number can reach up to thousands if not treated.

We know all about rats and the most common species available in Australia, including Norway Rat, Roof Rats, and the House Mouse. We have been eliminating rats and mice in Sydney and Penrith for over 20 years. Our expertise allows us to correctly identify the different types of rats in order to effectively remove the rats from your house or office.

How we identify rodent infestation?

Rodent infestation can be easily identified as they often leave a trail of urine all over your floor. They produce about 60-70 droppings per day. You can also find your wires gnawed. If you notice rats roaming around your home during daylight, there is a big chance that they are massive in number.

Undertaking the task on your own is not only tricky, but can also prove to be treacherous as there is a risk of catching an infection. If you notice these symptoms, you must contact an experienced pest controller immediately to get your home inspected.

We carry out a comprehensive inspection to identify the species. Identifying the species helps to implement the most suitable removal method.

After the inspection, the bait is successfully placed near the rat infested areas. It usually takes up to 4-7 days for the bait to work. If the infestation is at large scale, revisit might be required.

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All of our rodent control and treatment methods are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. Our experienced professionals strive to ensure satisfactory results from a trusted name in rat control in Sydney.

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