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Licensed Pest Control In Sydney and Penrith

Pest invasion is frequent in every household. Abundance of water and conducive climate makes it easier for the pests to breed and grow in your vicinity.

These pests takes shelter inside your homes to protect themselves from weather conditions and to hunt for food. If you have a suspicion that your home or office is infested with pests, you must contact pest control services immediately.

Pest invasion should not be taken lightly as it is just a matter of time before they breed and multiply in numbers. Apart from their nasty appearance, they damage your belongings and pose serious health threats such as itching and blotchy skin, and respiratory diseases like pneumonia.

There are plenty of pest control services in Sydney, hence choosing one can be overwhelming sometimes.

At Emersons Envirocare, we have over decades of experience which establishes us amongst the best pest control services in Sydney. Our experience makes it effortless for us to identify the common infestation and invading sites, and provide our clients with lasting solutions without causing any mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of pest control can vary depending on the type of pest and the size of your house or business. For the majority of pest controls, the cost is generally not expensive excluding termite removal. The type of treatment (interior or exterior pest control) and the level of infestation will also affect the cost of pest removal. The approximate cost can range between $150 to $750 depending on the above factors. 

Yes, the worth of pest control outweighs the potential consequences of not removing pests from your house or business. Pest infestation can cause property damage, lower property value and damage the health of your household. It is better to choose an effective solution that guarantees the best results instead of investing in solutions that won’t solve your pest infestation problem. 

The cost of pest control for cockroaches and spiders can begin from $150 onwards depending on the type of treatment (interior or exterior) required, severity of the infestation and the size of the property. Cockroaches and spiders may carry diseases and can be commonly found on a property. Professional pest controllers can accurately  identify the source of the cockroach and spider infestation to prevent an infestation from occurring in the near future. 

We use eco-friendly pest control solutions and toxic-free products to eliminate ants, termites, spiders and cockroaches from your property. All of our products are safe and will not cause any health risks for those within the house or business. 

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