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How To Protect Your Electrical Wires From Rats

April 4, 2021

It is well-known that rats chew on wires throughout the house and can even shut down electrical systems. They also can chew the wires from the security systems and cause false security alarms. It is important to understand the damage that rats and mice may have on your electrical appliances.

Why Do Rats Chew On Wires?

There are multiple different scientific reasons on why rats and mice chew on electrical wires. Their teeth never stop growing and instinctively they have to chew on things to keep their teeth from overgrowing.  They are often more attracted to electrical and car wires as they are round, making it easier to control in-order to grind their teeth. 

Rats don’t specifically go around looking for electrical wires to chew on. The electrical wires are often located in areas that rats and mices are most likely to hide in.


Signs Of Rodents Chewing Wires

Here are some signs that rats and mices are in your house: 

  • Bitemarks on electrical cables and wires
  • Scratching noise or sound behind the wall
  • Rodent droppings or nest
  • Flickering house or microwave lights
  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Home appliance damage


How To Stop Rats From Chewing Your Wires

If you think you may have a rat or mice infestation problem in your house, read about our 5 ways on how to prevent rats and mice from chewing your electrical wires.  

  1. Seal all the entry and exit points in your house. 

  2. Cover all electrical wiring with hard covering (plastic or steel) so rodents can’t chew on them

  3. Call an electrician to check entire house’s electrical wiring for any presence of rodent damage. They can provide solutions on how to protect electrical wires and repair any wire damage. 

  4. Trim all the tree branches that are located close to your window or roof, as these provide an easy pathway for rats and mices into your house.

  5. It is important to inspect every corner of your house regularly. This will mark your territory and deter them from creating a colony within your house.

Hire A Professional Rat Exterminator

It is sometimes difficult eliminating a rat infestation by yourself. A professional exterminator with the right industry experience can help solve infestation problems in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Emerson’s Envirocare is an insured and licensed rat controller in Sydney with over 25 years of industry expertise. We employ eco-friendly and safe extermination methods that will also prevent rodent re-entry. Contact us today or call us on 1800 600 760 for a site inspection and FREE quote. 

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