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9 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Termite Expert

September 25, 2019

Termites are a lot more uncommon as compared to general pests such as cockroaches that we daily face at home or work. Early infestation signs of termites are less noticeable, and their treatment may be more complex.

Regardless the nature of termite species, type of property (residential or commercial), the purpose of treatment, its activities and seriousness, you can choose the best pest control services in Penrith, Sydney.

Which are the best options to go for? What information do you need to know before making your decision? How much time will it require?

Here are some essential questions you must ask before hiring a termite expert:

1.  What Factors Attract Termites?

Termite species are very attracted to moist areas, darkness, and all cellulose materials such as wood, excess foliage paper, sawdust, bio compost, filter paper, etc. They can be found in various sections of your property, especially foundation.

Each property is unique, and there are various factors that attract different species of termites to your property. A termite expert helps you identify the root cause of the infestation and eliminate the source of the breeding.

2.  Are Termites Dangerous to Humans?

Termites are not dangerous to humans, and they do not cause any disease. But their presence sometimes leads to an allergic reaction or even asthma attacks. Termites can sting and bite too, but these wounds are not toxic.

Since there are employees working at your business, and family residing at your home, you must request the experts to timely treat the termite to avoid any injury to pets or people living in the property.

3.  Is There Any Natural Way to Get Rid Of Them?

Termites need regular food to eat. They feast on the resources and destroy it from inside. Furthermore, they breed fast, making it very unlikely that they will go away naturally.

You will need to call termite experts to get a free quote before the damage escalates.

4.  What Are the Factors for Termites Breeding?

There are many reasons for termites to start breeding. There are chances that they were already there when you purchased the property or they might have arrived from untreated neighbouring property.

5.  What Are Termite-Proof Materials?

Depending on the elements used to build your house and its current situation, it is useful to ask the expert whether is it possible to make any alteration in the premises with termite proof materials and eliminate the breading factors of termites.

6.  Do They Use Eco-friendly Pest Control Products?

Always prefer to hire professionals who use eco-friendly pest control products. These products are made from 100% biodegradable materials making it safe and non-harmful for older people, allergy sufferers, pregnant women, domestic pets, children and plants.

7.  What Are the Benefits of Eco-friendly Pest Control Products?

  • Not Harmful to The Ecosystem When Used Outdoors
  • Pleasantly Scented
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Providing A Long-Term Repellent Benefit
  • No Need to Use Toxic Chemicals

8.  What Are the Most Important Areas for Pest Control?

  • Aged care facilities
  • Childcare centres
  • Flea infested areas where pets are present
  • Kitchen and other food preparation areas

9.  What to Expect Before and After Treatment?

Make your home ready for pre and post termite treatment by asking the critical questions and get familiar with the steps required to carry out the whole process.


Always prefer professionals for pest control as they are equipped with the right equipment, and they offer other treatments as well such as possum removal. They’ll create an effective termite control plan that will not only eliminate the termites, but it also prevents future infestations.

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