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7 Tips to Protect Your Deck from Termite Infestation

May 23, 2020

A pleasant day with nice weather can be ruined if you find out your beloved deck is infested with termites.

Termites are notorious for chewing through wood and over time, the colony of termites can easily grow and extend out into further sub-colonies. They will move into other areas of your home destroying every single thing, especially wood in their path. 

They can cost you a pretty penny by causing serious damages to your deck that may need major repairs. To avoid the nightmare, here are the 7 essential termites control tips to protect your deck:

  • Picking Termite-resistant Wood

Selecting the right materials is the first thing you can do to keep your deck termite-free. Always prefer hardwoods and pressure-treated woods as they are less accessible and appetising to termites. 

Also, they are specially treated to withstand conditions such as heat, rain, etc. Other recommended woods include blackbutt, jarrah, stringybark, and spotted gum.

  • Keep Your Deck Moisture-Free

Like most pests, termites also need moisture to survive and flourish. By offering unfavourable environment, you can make your deck less hospitable to termites. Follow the tips:

  1. Keep a tab on the drainage.
  2. Find and fix the leaks, without any delay. 
  3. Seal the gaps around water lines.
  4. Watch out for softwood and damp sections.
  5. Avoid standing rainwater.
  6. Power wash your deck from time to time.
  7. Keep a gap underneath the deck to ensure smooth airflow.
  • Proper Maintenance

To preserve the integrity and beauty of your deck, do regular maintenance:

  1. Make sure that the deck is sealed.
  2. Rectify even the slightest of the damages you encounter.
  3. Look for holes and cracks in the deck (they are the best place for termites to take shelter and begin burrowing out their holes.)
  4. Apply a high-quality sealant to protect your deck from both termites and water damage.
  5. Invest in an annual termite inspection to get rid of termites in the early stages.
  • Paint and Seal Your Deck

Termites simply need a tiny crack to enter into a deck board. Applying a fresh coat of paint will act as a strong barrier against pest invasion and keep things looking nice and fresh.

  • Place Cedar Mulch or Sand Near the Deck

Ideally, your deck should be made from termite-resistant materials. However, if you’re not sure about the material used, treated cedar mulch or sand makes for good termite prevention. Their maintenance is quite low as compared to taking care of the grass.

Cedar Mulch: It is a great alternative to hardwood and pressure-treated wood. It contains resins and various oils that ruins the eating experience of termites. Make sure you replace the chips every so often as the resins and oils toxic do wear out over time.

Sand: A sand barrier is a good defence against termites. It blocks them from coming up through the ground.

  • Get Rid of Cellulose-based Debris

Cellulose-based debris provides a hostile environment for the survival of various wood-eating organisms. It includes any organic materials such as leaves, wood chips, scraps of wood, sawdust, and loose wood lying around. 

  • Hire a Pest Control Specialist

If you have been careless in taking care of your deck for a long time, pesticides are the last resort for termites. Hiring the best pest control services in Sydney is an effective solution to treat the affected area. 

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