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5 Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Home

July 25, 2020

Have you recently come across rats coming in your home? Rats infestations are on the rise in Sydney due to lockdown measures that have cut down on the food supply.  Take the necessary precautions now to keep these disease-spreading rodents out of your home.

We’ve created a mini-guide on how to prevent rat and mice from infestations from occurring in your home.

#1. Fill Cracks, Gapes & Holes

Rats can easily slip in and out of tiny holes. It is crucial to inspect every nook and corner of your house, search for cracks, holes, and grapes — fill them all with proper materials. These include plaster, wood, cement and hardware cloth. 

Weatherstrip the windows and doors with sizable holes. If you don’t have time for this tedious task, hire a rat control company in Sydney to prevent your house from becoming a haven for rodents.

#2. Don’t Feed Them

An open trash bin in your kitchen, leftover food or spills over the dinner table is enough to feed the rodents and give them a formal invitation to be tenants.

Be diligent in wiping off the kitchen bench after preparing meals, don’t leave open food out and make sure to feed your pets outside the house. 

#3. Don’t Allow Them to Habitat

Don’t allow these vermin any place to live. Don’t let debris such as non-functional appliances, limbs and other unwanted stuff piles up in your home, as they are considered secure habitat. 

If you have old piles of wood, ensure that they are 18 inches above the ground and away from the walls.

#4. Set the Trap

There are many convenient types of rat traps available in the market to catch the rodents inside your house.

Before you place them, make sure traps are set during the night and out of reach of kids and pets as they can be dangerous.

#5. Call the Pros

The most effective and convenient way to manage a rat infestation is by calling a highly-regarded pest control company in Sydney.

Rats are dangerous for our health as they are carriers of diseases. Pest experts have experience coupled with the most up-to-date equipment to terminate the rats with quickest and most efficient results.

Do you have any useful tips to add to our list? Share your tricks with us in the comment section below!

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