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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pest Control Company

January 23, 2021

Have you ever come across pests, insects, or bugs on your property?

When your house is being ruled by uninvited pests, it’s hard to live comfortably.

The best way to get rid of them is by hiring a pest control company.

With many options, it can be difficult to choose a reputable company and you are likely to do more harm than good for your home or business.

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when hiring pest control services:

1. Not considering references

Hiring a company without references can drain your finances and they may not even be effective. 

If you are unsure about what to look for in a pest control company, then ask your family members, relatives or friends for some recommendations. Talk to some of the customers of the shortlisted companies to make the final decision.

2. Choosing cheap services

It may be tempting to consider your budget when choosing pest control services.

Making a decision based on price alone is a big mistake. You can find many companies that offer cheap services, but are you sure about the quality?

When you pay a company, you pay for their experience, professionalism, and a promise that the pests will be removed without harming your house.

3. Not visiting the company in person

One of the most common mistakes customers make is hiring a company solely on a telephonic conversation. 

However, the quality of services you get in reality could be different than what has been promised to you over the phone. 

It is advisable to meet a concerned person from the pest control company in person to get a better understanding of the services offered.

4. Not asking important questions 

Not clearing your doubts or shying away from asking the right questions can put you into big trouble later. Don’t hesitate to raise your concerns to make an informed decision.

Ask a company about its services, experience, price, tools, and their planned course of action. This will save yourself time, money, effort and will ensure the safety of you and your family.

5.  Not asking for a quote 

Due to the eagerness to get rid of unwanted pests immediately, people often make the mistake of not requesting a quote and hence hire the wrong services.

Narrow down your options, request a quote ahead of time from a few companies. Compare offers and choose the best option as per your budget. 


Now that you know about the most common mistakes, hopefully, you will make the right choice.

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