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5 Essential Pest Control Safety Questions

June 25, 2020

Searching for the right pest control company is challenging and involves an array of factors to consider before choosing a company. Most importantly, they must have a comprehensive health and safety policy. 

Every credible pest control company in Sydney has strict safety guidelines in place to keep you and your family safe during the treatment. 

People ask us several questions when choosing a pest control service provider, so we’ve rounded up the most common safety control FAQs;

Q1. How Will the Pest Exterminator Ensure Everyone’s Safety?

Your pest exterminator must have you and your family’s health as their top priority as well as their specialist at work. These technicians must be well-versed in the use of harsh chemicals and methods they use when getting rid of the pests in your home. They must provide clear instructions on what to do during and after the process of pest eradication.

Responsible pest and rat control firms in Sydney mark their equipment and tools with hazard symbols to create safety awareness.

Q2. When is it Safe to Enter My House After Fogging?

For pest control safety, your technicians do not recommend you enter your house immediately after fogging treatment. It is generally suggested to wait three to four hours after the fumigation process.

Q3. How Will the Waste Be Disposed Of?

As your pest control service uses pesticides and other chemicals, you must ask how they will dispose of the waste appropriately adhering to the chemical regulations. 

Check with your pest controller about what code they follow to dispose of waste. 

Q4. How Do They Ensure the Safety of My Home?

Every reputable eco-friendly pest control company has a carefully-crafted environmental policy in place. 

Inquire about what they do to minimise the effects of pesticides and chemicals on the environment.

Q5. Should I Get Safety Paperwork?

A risk assessment report is a critical aspect of professional pest control services. This report includes safety information such as what pesticides the technicians are using, what areas they will treat, and what equipment they use.

Wrap Up

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