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Bird Control
No more nuisance and undesirable nesting

Damaged roofing can be a pathway for the birds. A lack of bird control in Sydney may lead them to start nesting inside your house or office, and might become the source of irritation to your skin or allergic reactions. Hence it’s crucial that you take necessary steps for bird control in Sydney.

We may not think of birds as pests but they are capable of damaging your property as well as deteriorating your health. Apart from broken roof tiles, birds can gain access to your home through chimneys vents and drain pipes similar to rats and mice.

If they nest inside your guttering system, you might face water drainage problems leading to moisture damage to your walls or even flooding. Their droppings are highly acidic and might corrode any equipment. Birds could also dislodge your roof tiles and some might become aggressive and start attacking you during their breeding season.

Apart from the collateral damage, they possess immense danger to your health. Bird droppings consist of deadly microorganisms such as histoplasmosis, and aspergillosis. If the bird feces are left to accumulate, they dry up and form dust that can impair your immune system and result in respiratory diseases.

Comprehensive Techniques

Get rid of bird noise while you are sleeping at night. We know that the most common problems caused by birds locally are usually because of pigeons, starlings, sparrows, or Indian Myna Birds.

Our techniques are the safest way to get rid of birds nesting inside your house, even those who are worse than ants and cockroaches at causing blotching. We implement effective and comprehensive techniques that will certainly get rid of an unwanted home invasion.

Moreover, our methods are completely eco friendly and humane. Some of our methods are described below.

Bird Netting

It acts as a barrier that prevents birds from entering and roosting in any desired location. We use the finest quality nets that are virtually invisible from a distance and ensure utmost protection from birds.

Shock Tracks

While it may sound cruel but is an effective and safe method to prevent birds from roosting. Whenever a bird lands on a surface, it gives a mild electric shock to the bird without harming it. They can be discreetly laid, nailed, or glued to any flat surface.

Bird Spikes

These create an uncomfortable area for the birds to land and prevent them from nesting or roosting on that particular area. They are designed to use on a narrow surface such as ledges, window sills, or guttering.

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