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Ants Control
Effectively eliminate & eradicate ants at home & work!

We help houses & businesses eliminate the ants across Sydney & Penrith that are going through the kitchen cupboards, bench tops or pantry. We also help you eradicate ant nests in the garden and avoid them damaging your seeds & crops and avoid health problems caused by ants stinging.

We know all about ants different subfamilies and species, and since there are many genera, we know the effective way to eliminate and eradicate the ants, nests & their colonies, all through our environmentally-friendly solutions which are guaranteed to be the safest on the market.

Satisfactory ant control results for over 20 years, our full licensed & insured team guarantees no mess, no smell. Our promise if to leave your home exactly the way we found it, except for the ants, we will make sure you got rid of them.

How to prevent ants?

Ants are in your house for a reason: looking for good. It is not surprising then that you are finding them first in the kitchen, where they can enjoy something sweet and sticky.

To make sure you avoid getting rats in your house, make sure you clear any spillage up immediately, this is extremely important if the spillage has got sweet or sticky food and drinks remnants. You should never keep food exposed, always store these in containers, even if it is uneaten pet food.

How to get rid of ants?

Some ants can harm you through stinging or contaminating your food. Any ant infestation signs (live ants, ant pathways or nests) should be dealt with immediately through ant control experts. This requires certain skills, and should be taken seriously.

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